En Facebook también eres el producto

Dice Douglas Rushkoff, al hilo de los cambios en Facebook de la semana pasada:

«But users are bothered by all this. On the simplest level, they don’t like change, particularly when it results in making their free time more complex and stressful. Facebook was always a lazy person’s friend and time waster. Turning into a dashboard designed to increase productivity and relevancy turns it more into, well, work.

Of course, if they stopped and thought about it, they would realize that Facebook is work. We are not Facebook’s customers at all. (…) Facebook’s real customers are the companies who actually pay them for this data, and for access to our eyeballs in the form of advertisements.»

Hace unas semanas ya dijimos lo mismo sobre Google (bueno, lo dijimos hace mucho más en La sociedad de control), obviamente es extensible a Facebook y a cualquier otro servicio web privativo.